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CasTargets are the unique, patented targets developed specifically for use in the "Fishing in Schools" program.  They serve as teaching aids to develop and improve the students' cast while helping them learn about aquatic entomology, fish species and artificial flies/lures used in fishing.  Made of Velcro, the fly or lure sticks to ("catches") the targets.  There are 4 types of CasTargets used in the curriculum:
  • Bullseye CasTarget . . . 41" round face on 44" square background, with 19 species of fish, 23 flies/lures and "bulls eye" pattern
  • Waterscene CasTarget . . . 41" round target face on 44" square background with "tic tac toe" pattern
    • Pond/lake scene, above & below water
  • FishTarget: 20 species of fish: freshwater, saltwater, trout and sea-run
  • Stick'ems: 17 stick-on images of fish, insects and flies

CasTarget won "Best of Show/Youth-Specific Product" at both the 2011 & 2012 American Fly Fishing Trade Association national conference

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FishTarget Flies - dozen
Price: $11.65
FishTarget Flies - dozen
12 white specialized flies used when casting to the FishTargets. (Similar flies in black are for use with CasTargets.)
Permit & Redfish
FishTarget - Saltwater Series 2
Price: $45.20
FishTarget - Saltwater Series 2
2 saltwater CasTarget FishTargets: Redfish and Permit, with special flies.
FishTarget - Saltwater Series I
Price: $44.45
FishTarget - Saltwater Series I
2 saltwater CasTarget Fish Targets: Bonefish and Tarpon
FishTarget - Warmwater Northern Series
Price: $65.85
FishTarget - Warmwater Northern Series
3 warmwater CasTarget Fish Targets: Northern Pike, Walleye & Muskellunge
FishTarget - Warmwater Southern Series
Price: $40.40
FishTarget - Warmwater Southern Series
2 warmwater FishTargets: Largemouth Bass & Smallmouth Bass
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