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 FishTargets are the official educational target of the National Fishing in Schools Program.  Along with the 2 styles of floor-mounted targets (Bullseye & Waterscene), they make up the CasTarget line of products.  They are an integral teaching tool utilized in the "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" curriculum taught in elementary, middle and high schools across America.

Using a unique, patented process, 20 unique species of fish are reproduced on special fabric that allows them to be caught and released using a simple "Velcro" system.  Specialized flies or lures are used to "catch" the fish indoors or out.  Each fish has "Fish Facts" on the back describing features specific to each species.  Sold in series or individually.  A complete set of 20 FishTargets are included in the NFSP Curriculum Kit provided to schools participating in the "Fishing in Schools" program.
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